February 20, 2019

Fiction and Literature
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UEC "Wish List" of Books
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Academic Bible Study - Any academic books about the Bible or Christianity are greatly appreciated. Many of our patrons are interested in such subjects as apologetics, biblical history and archaeology, church history, and many other academic Biblical pursuits. We do ask that the materials be current and of a respectable academic quality. Currently, new Bibles are donated to us by various sources, so please do not send old Bibles. However, study or research Bibles in good condition could be extremely useful to many of our patrons.

Commentaries - We are very much in need of commentaries on any book of the Old Testament. We already have the Gospel Advocate New Testament commentaries series and the College Press Commentary series on the Old and New Testaments. Academic commentaries that require no Hebrew or Greek knowledge would greatly enhance our library. Any research-oriented literature about a particular part of the Bible (e.g. Torah or the Exile) would also be very helpful.

Religion(s) - Any books that deal with the academic study of religion in general, or one particular religion would be very useful to our patrons, especially those attending the Study Center class on World Religions next spring.

Fiction and Literature

Paperback Fiction - Modern fiction of all sorts is very popular at the UEC. Since people have to walk long distances every day and Ukrainians donít like to carry large items unless they have to, large, hardback books arenít checked out very often; they prefer to keep their pleasure reading books small. Since paperback fiction wears out rather quickly, multiple copies are a bonus.

Classics - We already have copies of very popular classics (like Huckleberry Finn and a few others). We are really in need of those lesser known works or several different titles by the same author. Modern classics or classic writings in philosophy or any of the other humanities would also be valuable additions to our library. Even Russian literature in English is helpful since many of our patrons are not native speakers of Russian.

Critical Writings/Academic English - Many or our patrons are students who are enrolled in English and American literature classes, want to research their texts, but most of our copies have few, if any notations on their text. We currently have several anthologies, which are seldom check out due to their bulk, and we do not need anymore. We also have plenty of handbooks for writers.

Other Needs

University Textbooks - Since many of our patrons are university students studying English, we often receive requests for information on a broad spectrum. Textbooks help meet this need. We are also in need of textbooks written on a higher level than basic introduction, especially in subjects such as Psychology, Sociology and Art. We have several introductory textbooks, but none for higher level students of these disciplines.

Health and Wellness - Many patrons are interested in improving their health. Books on vitamins, exercise, better nutrition, medicines, diseases, first aid, and related areas would be helpful.

Art - Many of our patrons are studying artists or are avid art enthusiasts, and we currently have a limited selection of books in this area.

Foreign Language Literature - Many of our patrons study other foreign languages besides English, most commonly German or French. Any literature written in German or French, university textbooks or study guides for either of these languages would be greatly appreciated.

History (any period or country) - We already have surveys of western civilization. Of great help would be biographies and history books that arenít university textbooks. Original sources are very good.

Items We Donít Need

Personal finance
Literature anthologies
Writersí handbooks
Old Bibles
Damaged books
Encyclopedias before 1993
Small booklets or brochures
Textbooks on management or marketing