February 20, 2019
Shipping Books to Us

Once youve collected materials, printed matter can be mailed to Ukraine through the US Postal Sevice M-bag. This M-bag can be filled with up to 66 pounds of books. To mail the books economy rate, it will cost about $66 per bag ($1 per pound). In order to prevent the books from being damaged in shipping, its best to pack the books in a cardboard box or to wrap them in plastic bags. Enclose copies of the address inside the bag. The post office will give you an addressee tag to be filled out. Simply paste the following address onto the tag:

. 5, . 84
Ukraine, Europe

Chris Lovingood
Polytechnicheskaya 5, apt. 84
Kyiv 03055 Ukraine

A customs form will also need to be filled out. Declare the books as a gift and assign them a value of $25 or less. Complete details are available at www.usps.com/global/mbags.htm.