February 20, 2019

Why a Library? 

In the heart of the former Soviet Union, we are building a place of learning - a place where young minds are learning spiritual truth. The Ukrainian Education Center is a Christian ministry serving both mind and spirit. Central to our mission is our library, housing a teeming collection of books, DVDs, and CDs. Living in a developing country, still struggling to conquer its Soviet past, many Ukrainians have little opportunity to improve their life situation. Our library attempts to provide a unique and valuable service to assist the members of our community in this endeavor.

Books, as well as CDs and DVDs, are not only expensive for a community that has little money to spare on extracurriculars, but they can also be difficult to find, especially in English. As of September 2009, our library houses more than 9,600 items. Daily, students utilize the textbooks on various subjects, the expansive collection of English literature and fiction, and the valuable reference materials. The library also focuses on providing quality English language study materials so that students and adults of all levels can improve their skills in this area and, in turn, their qualifications for the Kyiv working world. Continually seeking to improve its theological section by soliciting book donations (how you can help) and using monetary gifts to buy books, commentaries, and bible reference materials in multiple languages, the library provides Christian materials to which most believers would have no access otherwise.

In Kyiv, there are very few public places where people can gather, work, or study. The library of the UEC aptly fills a vacant hole in its society. Four computers with Internet, free to use for any patron and unremittingly busy, also contribute to the service the library provides. Apart from the educational, vocational, and academic benefits of the library, there is also a chance to peruse and take advantage of a quality DVD and CD collection. Many patrons weekly return one, two, or even three DVDs in order to check out their next weeks entertainment. Others keep UEC CDs constantly spinning in their CD players, methodically devouring the entire collection, mostly composed of Christian artists. Simultaneously providing services reminiscent of a public library, computer center, free DVD and CD rental agency, student center, and language school, the UEC seeks to make available to its Ukrainian patrons valuable resources many Westerners take for granted. The library of the UEC exists as a service for the community and attempts to aid the development of Ukraine, Kyiv and their citizens in all aspects of life.