February 20, 2019


Ukraine enjoys long, warm summer days with the sun going down after 9:00 PM. The winter is cold and snowy--much like Canada. Average summer high temperature is 27 C or 81 F (Ukraine uses Celsius as the scale for measuring temperature). In winter, it is around 10 to 20 F; it rarely gets below 0 F, but it does at times. The wind chill is fierce, so dress appropriately for the weather. (See the Clothing section).

Spring begins to arrive in late March but is slow to emerge, and temperatures can be quite cool (even below freezing at night) up to mid April. May is a mixed month--cold rains, chilly nights, and sometimes warm days (but not hot). June, July, and August are generally warm (highs in the high 70s). Rarely does Ukraine get very hot, but it may seem hot since few places are air-conditioned. September and October greet the fall. November is a month of transition; there might be snow or cool fall temperatures.

Centrally controlled heating is usually not switched on until around October 15. Cool evening temperatures arrive in September, and apartments may be colder in September than in October since there is no heat in September. The reverse phenomenon occurs in the spring when the heat is turned off, but nights still may be quite chilly. To regulate heat in your apartment, open or close a window or turn on an electric heater!

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