February 20, 2019


Every culture has its superstitions. Here are a few of our Ukrainian favorites. Some people, though, take these seriously.

— If you sit, for any length of time, on concrete without a cover on the concrete you will suffer from permanent sterility.
— Mixing two different kinds of light (e.g. light bulbs and sunlight) will hurt your vision.
— Handing something or shaking hands over a threshold causes extremely bad luck.
— Whistling indoors will cause the apartment owner to lose their money.
— Sitting at a table’s corner will prevent you from marrying for at least seven years. If you are already married, it is just a bad idea in general.
— Drinking something cold may adversely affect your health. Specifically, you will suffer from a sore throat and other flu-like symptoms.
— Should a person carrying an empty bucket cross in front of you, you will suffer from chronic bad luck.
— An empty bottle placed on a table causes (guess what?) chronic bad luck.
— Sitting down for a period of not less than thirty seconds before embarking on a trip ensures good luck on the journey.
— Drafts during the winter months will certainly lead to a nasty cold.
— If a person is seated on the floor with their legs outstretched and someone steps directly over their legs, it will cause them to stop growing.
— If a person is making a toast, it is extremely distasteful and rude for anyone else’s glass to be touching the table.

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