February 20, 2019


Compared to any western city of its size, Kyiv is a very safe city. There is very little violent crime. Kyiv is often dark at nightómany street lights just donít work?which can make one feel not so safe. Mostly itís a psychological battle and not a real safety concern. Women should be careful in areas where there are hosts of drunk men. Though usually harmless, it can make one feel uncomfortable. If you are returning home late at night, itís best to have someone walk you home if you are alone.
Though violent crime isnít a problem, theft is. Always be on guard in crowded public transport. Pickpockets love to take advantage of unsuspecting foreigners. Keep your money and especially your passport well protected. We do NOT recommend fanny packs, neck passport wallets, or other such contraptions which actually advertise and expose that you are a foreigner waiting to be robbed.
Sometimes the police often stop foreign-looking people and ask for identity documents. This harassment is common practice, especially if you have dark skin or donít look Ukrainian. Itís best to carry your passport with you at all times or at least a photo ID and a copy of your passport and visa.

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