February 20, 2019

News—International and Local

The Kyiv Post, a free English-language newspaper, is published every Thursday and is available in many hotels and restaurants. It can also be purchased from local newspaper vendors/tables, or one can subscribe for home delivery. Other English language periodicals are available for sale at the newsstand near the Globus Mall food court underneath Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) and in many hotels. The cost is three or four times higher than in the USA, and they may be several days old.
Some apartments receive BBCWorld news on TV, but this service depends on where you live. For a hefty one-time fee of more than $100, it is possible to subscribe to digital television which includes CNNInternational and BBC. See http://ptv.volia.com/en/ and the section on digital TV for more info. They also offer cable internet. Check the latest Ukrainian news at www.unian.net/eng/ .

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