February 20, 2019


Any electronic devices you bring, such as IPods, Laptops, MP3 players, PDAs, electric razors, hair clippers, curling irons, etc, need to be checked to make sure they can handle 220 volt electricity (if they need A/C power). Plug adapters can be bought anywhere here for cheap prices, so do not invest in any of the expensive “anywhere in the world” adapters many American computer and electronic stores sell. To find out if your appliance operates at the European voltage, check the tag, back of the device, or wherever you see a lot of small writing and numbers. Somewhere there it will give a range of voltage at which your device can operate. Most say “100v-240v,” which means it is fine to bring. If you do not see this notation, it is not advisable to bring it with you. Voltage converters can be bought, but they are expensive.

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