February 20, 2019


It's important to pack the right clothes for a Kyiv visit. Expect severe winter weather from late November through early March. For the winter, we suggest you wear layers of warm clothing and a heavy coat. Gloves, a scarf and a warm hat are also strongly encouraged. Because a good amount of walking is part of life in Kyiv, waterproof boots are helpful too during the winter due to all the snow and slush on the ground. In the summer, expect warm temperatures so you will want shorts and T-shirts, especially indoors without air-conditioning. Most Ukrainian men wear pants normally, and rarely wear bright colors or “loud” clothing of any kind. Woman and men dress a little more formally all year round. Swimming in the Dnipro or in the Black Sea, most Ukrainians are a little more “open” than American bathers, especially the men, who normally wear speedos or a short spandex suit. Women usually wear bikinis, although members of both sexes often forgo swimwear altogether in several places, especially on the Black Sea. The younger generation of Kyiv also has been greatly influenced by Western fashion, especially European styles. Diesel and other European brands have stores in Kyiv, and many of the youth wear clothes representative of this alternative style. Whatever you are wearing in Kyiv, though, you will definitely want good walking shoes or sandals that do not hurt your feet after a lot of walking because it is one of the major activities of life in Kyiv and is really a refreshing change at times from high-strung, car-driven America.
Q: How will I wash my clothes?
A: Every apartment is equipped with a washing machine… it is called a bathtub! Many Ukrainians (though the trend is changing) wash their clothes by hand in the bathtub. There are no public laundromats in the city though there are numerous dry cleaners. The UEC has a modern automatic washing machine, so visitors may be allowed to make use of these resources if the need arises.

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