Український Освітній Центр

Украинский Образовательный Центр

Ukrainian Education Center

Ukrainian (UA)English (United Kingdom)Russian (CIS)

Welcome to UEC!

Ukrainian Education Center - is a charity called to help students and young people in Kyiv to study, communicate and grow spiritually. In order to reach these goals we offer free access to:

  • high-quality multilingual library on various subjects, (see. catalog)
  • multitude of text-books to study English and other languages,
  • great media library (hundreds of CDs and DVDs),
  • computer center with Internet access,
  • rooms for studying and watching movies,
  • kitchen, where you can rest after classes and drink some hot tea with friends,
  • various English-learning activities.

Ukrainian Education Center is a unique place. For many of our friends the UEC has become their second home. Here they have found friends, broadened their worldview, and found answers to their questions. If you are a student and looking for a place like this, come and visit us to see it all with your own eyes.

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Украинский Образовательный Центр
пр. Победы 30, кв. 82 Киев 03055
(044) 490-7618(9)