Katie Boyer



After I made the decision to come to Ukraine for a year, I began to rely heavily on Christian music to remind me of God's promises and to comfort my fears of being so far from home. One song that brought me particular joy was "Great Expectations" by Stephen Curtis Chapman. In this song, Chapman expresses his wonder at being invited by God into his kingdom. He says that Christians "believe the unbelievable, receive the inconceivable, and see beyond our wildest imaginations." Like the hero in the Dickens novel of the same title, we are given great expectations for what someone who loves us will do in our lives.

When I came here to Kyiv, I tried to consciously bring these expectations with me. I didn't have specific notions about always eating good food or living in a beautiful home or having opportunity to travel, but my expectation was that I would see God work powerfully in an endeavor I knew I could not complete by my own strength. I guess you could say that the story of my time here is the story of how God exceeded my expectations and helped me "see beyond my wildest imagination."

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