School of Christian Ministry

The School of Christian Ministry is a ministry that Livoberezhna church has provided for church leaders since 2000. We began to get the feeling in our first few months here that the members in our cell were all gifted with leadership ability, but did not have the confidence to carry it out. We talked and prayed often about teaching some kind of theological and practical classes that would empower those people. I had been terrified of teaching adults, and I knew I would have to overcome that challenge if we were to go through with the idea. After discussing it with Monica, we planned a number of theological topics as well as a few weeks to focus on the cell group model. Monica, Joshua and I would be teaching the classes, with the help of willing Ukrainians on certain topics.
Each Monday evening we meet and begin with a meal. Afterwards, we sing together and the teaching begins. It has been a constant focus of ours to make the information practical for ministry, and we encourage discussion. We agreed in the beginning on this specific purpose: To learn as a community, make decisions together, and implement decisions. Give information that can be passed on and helpful in ministry. To empower people to teach others and lead in the Christian community.
With Godís help, we will accomplish this, and impact the life and future of the church.

Maurie Hanauer