Date: 01-27-2003
Articles written by: Joshua and Maurie Hanauer

You Miss a Month - You Miss A Lot

Joshua: Due to the overwhelming popularity of “Kyiv Monthly” we have been unable to meet the demands of our customer base. That is why we were forced to move our publication for the month of December and come to you now at the end of January. Okay, the truth is, we were in America visiting most of the people that read this thing. If we did not get to see you, we apologize. We will try to make up for that in this issue.

A Christmas to Remember

Joshua: Maurie and I left Kyiv on December 22 to be met by our family and friends at Cincinnati International Airport. It was an uneventful trip back, and one where all of our bags arrived with us. We spent most of the holidays in Cincinnati with a short, but excellent trip to Nashville, and an unexpected emergency trip to St. Louis. Most of you know that Maurie’s good friend Jodi McLaughlin was very sick only a few days prior to our scheduled return to Kyiv. As we drove to be with her and her family in St. Louis, her condition was critical. However, just a few days after our visit, she began making dramatic steps toward recovery. On the day we arrived back in Kyiv (January 22) Jodi was awake and talking. So, today Maurie and I thank God.
Our entire trip was not nearly as busy as it seems. We spent most days with our families. Maurie and I both come from Cincinnati and so it makes it easier to visit everyone while we are at home. I hope that my family will always remember the times that we spent together this Christmas. As for me, it was one worth remembering.

School of Christian Ministry

Maurie: In our previous newsletter we mentioned beginning a leadership training course for our church members this semester. Our kickoff and planning meeting was last night, and our first class will begin on Monday, February 3rd at 6:30 p.m. at an apartment near our church. We have fifteen people committed from all walks of life. College students, young professionals and the oldest members of our church all plan on attending. Various foundational theological topics and material on Home groups (Cells) will be taught. One goal for the course is to pass on knowledge for practical application to the students, so they in turn can pass it on to others. Each member of the class will receive a booklet with all the materials translated into Russian. Our hope is that they will gain the confidence to use it as new leaders raise up in the church. We have even asked some Ukrainians to take part in the teaching this time. Please pray that God will use this small thing to give a stronger foundation to the church here in Kyiv.

We are blessed by each and every one of you, and knowing you pray for us is a great encouragement.