Cold February

Keeping warm and finding things to do Inside

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bon appetit

Oleg and Posha bring in the feast, while the rest of our cell group gathers around the table, ready to dig in. About 13 of us meet weekly to share a meal and our weeks together and worship, discuss, and pray about our Christian lives.

View from my window of the snows raining down on Kyiv - this snow, coupled with temperature reaching -20 degrees at times, severly restricted, or made undesirable, outdoor movement in February.

At our weekly Community Night, Oksana and her peers construct what will eventually win the prize for best bridge. The groups had only newspaper and scotch tape to create these public works

Pyotr, Victor, Lera and Veronica were also participating the bridge construction contest - but they opted for a more "uncovential" design, something similiar to the eiffel tower (bridge?).
At another Community Night, this one focused on the Fruits of the Spirit, Oleg and Victor battle to see who can impel their lemon the fastest up the stairs. After the challenge of the stairs, weaving through the bibles on the way to hand off the "instrument of impetus" to the next awaiting team memeber, proved no problem.
Another of our fruit games, Anya's mouth seeks out its prey, while Ira just hopes her fingers don't get in the way Go! The race begins, chin to chin, the oranges get passed down the relay, from one end of the church hall to the other. We discovered that pointy chins greatly assist this endeavor.
Natasha represents her team in the apple diving contest, taking the finesse approach... while Olya just decides to forget finesse and dive in, much to Oleg's amusement.
Well, when it is still below zero degrees outside, it is hard to leave, so you find something else to do, in this case twister. I spun the wheel for awhile, practicing my Russian colors and body parts, and then decided to venture onto the mat to test my own skills.
Dima, one of my Composition One students, shows why he usually beats me in our weekly chess games. You can see the muscles as well as the intelligence in this shot. Ira and Sveta, two more of my university students, as well as members of our weekly cell group, pose for a computer shot for the UEC newsletter. They are busily writing their weekly assignements.
Inna, a staff worker, poses for another newsletter photo, displaying the books the UEC bought with a donation from my mother and her 3 sisters in honor of their parents - Joseph and Isabelle Ross. The book she is holding says "Religions of the World." This hard working group of girls, plus Dima, who sniffs out a photo wherever it may be taken, has been voluntarily cleaning the center the day before our guests from the USA arrived.
Our guests from the USA, a group of youth singers from Highland Street Church of Christ, puts on a stellar performance for a huge crowd (over 80people) in the center. Anya tried to match Vitaly (not pictured to the left) in another Community Night photo, but she couldn't keep her head in the game when she saw him swallow up his apple in a single mouthful.
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