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If you would like to study English grammar at the UEC, please fill out the following application as soon as possible. Our next class we be starting this week. If you qualify, we will get back to you in the next couple days.


Every Monday at 18:30

Do you want to explore the world's most popular book? Join us every Monday at 6:30 PM for a Bible Study in English (studying the Book of Acts). You don't need to register to join this class.


Every Wednesday at 17:00

Do you enjoy reading a book and then discussing it with a friend? Join our English-speaking Book Club! We promise you'll enjoy it!


Every Friday at 17:00

Do you enjoy a good discussion? Do you want others to know your point of view? Feel free to join our Speaking Club (in English)! You'll be heard and have a chance to hear others!


Every Friday at 18:30

Do you enjoy watching movies in English? Do you like to discuss your impressions with others? Then we have an activity for you - join us for the Movie Night every Friday! You won't regret it!


Individual Bible Study

We also offer free individual classes to improve your spoken English. The classes will be taught by Vitaly and will base on the "Let's Start Talking" (adapted Bible) books. If you are interested in these classes, please fill in this application form.

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