How you can help

If you want to help the UEC grow and continue serving students from all over Ukraine, we will gladly accept your help.

You can join the Team of UEC Volunteers by helping with whatever needs to be done (cleaning, sorting out the library items, fixing things). You can ask the library worker for a list of assignments.

All the items in our library were donated by different people. If you want to enrich our library collection, you can donate books (good content and in nice shape), licensed audio CDs, movies on DVDs (licensed, good content), computer software etc.

We would also like to find people in Kyiv who would be willing and able to financially support the UEC. All the funds will be spent on improving the library and keeping kitchen.

With your help the UEC will be able to:

  1. daily offer free selection of rare literature;
  2. maintain hospitable atmosphere for almost 100 visitors every day;
  3. change lives of many people by fulfilling their educational needs.

Our regular donors will be able to join the UEC Friends' Club. As soon as the amount of your donations comes to 500 hryvnya, you will automatically become a member of the UEC Friends' Club and will receive special privileges for the following year:

  1. ability to check out 2 extra library items (have 7 items checked out at one time);
  2. ability to renew library items over the phone;
  3. ability to reserve rooms over the phone.

Show concern for others!

Become a UEC friend!

(044) 490-7618(9)

(099) 300-5924

Mon - Fri 15:00 - 20:00