Our rules


Because we have a lot of people using rooms at the UEC, we have to limit room usage for 2 hours a day per person or group. We have a TV with a DVD and a VCR player in the guest room. Rooms may not be reserved over the phone. No kinds of commercial activity can be conducted at the UEC. No more than 7 people may use a room at a time unless a special permission is granted. No smoking at the UEC, near or in our building entrance. The UEC staff has the right to know how you plan to use the room.


All visitors of the UEC have access to the kitchen. There is a refrigerator, a stove, kitchenware (pots, pans, cups, plates etc.), salt, sugar and tea to be used by our visitors. You can use the refrigerator to store your food, but the UEC is not responsible for your food or any personal belongings. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on our premises.

Computer Center

There are five computers at the library, which can be used for educational purposes. Each computer has Microsoft Office and a browser on it. We also offer free Internet access. The UEC uses only licensed software. You can also find the following programs installed on our computers:

  • BibleQuote – the software program offering access to Bible translations and Bible commentaries in various languages
  • Stamina – learn how to blind-type with this typing tutor.

Library Rules

Every registered visitor of the UEC has a right to use our Library. You can borrow up to three books and two items from our media collection (CD or a DVD) at a time. Books and CDs can be kept for three weeks. DVDs have to be returned after one week. Items returned on time can be renewed two additional times. In order to renew items, you need to bring them to the library along with your library card.

If you've lost a library card, we can renew it for you. You would need to bring your picture and pay a 20 hryvnya fee.

If items are returned late, one penalty point is assigned to each item for every calendar day it is late. Once 20 points are accrued, you cannot use the library for a month. If 50 points are collected, there is a two-month suspension. A donation of 20 hryvnya or 1 hour of volunteer work at the UEC (vacuuming, cleaning, fixing things etc.) will remove 20 penalty points.

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