February 20, 2019

A Letter From Kyiv

We asked one of the UEC frequent patrons and a regular guest at the Movie Night led by Nivky Church members throughout the past year at the Ukrainian Education Center to reflect on how the UEC helped her. Margarita was very excited about this opportunity and she wrote this letter.

Dear UEC supporters,

I am very pleased and happy I've got this amazing opportunity to write to you and thank you for the education center we can enjoy having in Ukraine. My name is Margarita Berlova and I am a frequent visitor in the Ukrainian Education Center (UEC) so I have a great experience to share with you of what great help this center is for so many students and for me in particular. First of all it is a perfect study center, secondly it is a place where you can meet new people, make friends, communicate, express your opinions and do other entertaining things.

Being a diligent student is hard, but possible if you have such a great helper as UEC. Here you can find different books in various kinds of studies, written by worldwide known writers. As I study at the International Christian University, we need to have certain knowledge in religion for some courses to write compositions and essays, to participate in class activities, to complete projects and I am pretty sure I would not have found as many religious books as in the UEC library, which helped me understand the Bible better and after reading them I have changed my personal beliefs regarding religion and Christianity itself.

This library also contains books in business studies, lots of classical books by famous English, American, Russian writers, psychology books and the majority of them are written in English so it is a great thing as I can improve my English by reading them. Ukrainian Education Center also gives me an opportunity to have a quiet and peaceful place for studying. There are rooms which I can reserve and study in. Last year in some of my classes we had to present projects and so my friends and I gathered together in one of the rooms of the UEC and could freely share our ideas without any disturbance or noise. At the UEC there are computers which I can use, and it was a great help for me the whole year as all of the assignments had to be typed for my university.

UEC is not only a study center, but also a place where I can meet new people, communicate and just have fun. Each time I enter the door of the Center I feel this pleasant atmosphere which makes me feel optimistic and happy. People who work here are very nice and lively and are always ready to help me and devote their time to each and everyone. There are lots of activities held for the visitors and everyone can participate without exception. Each Friday there are movie nights and it's not only about watching different movies, each one of them shows different life situations and has strong morals, which we discuss afterwards. I really enjoy doing this as I can express my own opinions and listen to other people's thoughts and understanding of life. And I am very thankful to Vitaly and Valeria who put so much love and hard work in order for this center to be as good as it is, and are always ready to listen and help.

In this letter I want to thank everyone who helps and puts lots of effort for the life of the Ukrainian Education Center which makes students' lives easier, interesting and fun. We are very grateful for what you do for us. Thank you.

Margarita Berlova

Posted on October 12, 2007